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Pay3 is the perfect payouts tool for anyone building an app or platform for developers, ambassadors, referrals, and more. Because we support so many integrations, we expect people will leverage Pay3 in ways that will surprise us too!

Rather than just leave you hanging with a complex API or spreadsheet-driven product, Pay3 makes it easy to connect your critical payout triggers to an automated payout system. We also support more than just dollars.

Pay3 is designed to grow with you, and it should be affordable for most teams. Check out our Pricing page to learn more.

It's not hard at all! We'd be happy to walk you through a demo, but something as complex as linking payouts to a repository or referral program takes just a few clicks.

Most teams can deploy Pay3 within just a few hours of setting up an account! We don't force you into a complex integration process or onboarding flow.

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